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What To Post On Instagram In Order to attract your customers

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform that lets users take photos and edit them with filters. It is an excellent channel for sales and marketing that has Instagram posts from the big brands. Posting on Instagram will help you to convert passive shoppers into confident repeat customers. According to Statista, brands are ready to reach Instagram audiences as the users express high engagement rates with the content displayed. 

The Following Are The Cool Things To Post On Instagram to attract customer –

  • High-quality photos and videos : Using Instagram for purposes of customer attraction requires that you post carefully designed content that is appealing to the eyes of potential and actual customers. After doing so, you will soon see users picking interest in your brand. The highly effective Instagram posts have photos with an average width of 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio ranging between 1.91:1 and 4:5. The videos, on average, have a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080. No matter the dimension, photos are visible as a center cropped square in the photo grid on your profile. Always ensure that the images you post are visually pleasing to customers in this format as well.
  • Exhibit what you produce with a lot of creativity : Be reminded that the things to post on Instagram are meant to create a secure connection with your audience without making hard sales. Entice your audience to follow your brand faithfully. According to Statista, Instagram is used by people aged 34 years or younger. This audience needs exciting and creative stuff to be able to follow your brand. (same link as above)With innovations coming to the IG business platform, you can quickly post shoppable images.

You will have to tag your products on the market in an image to enable users to tap on that image to see more product details. Tapping on that information will direct them to your website while still in the interface of Instagram and enable them to make a purchase. The feature allows businesses to increase revenues and provides new options for things to post on Instagram while sticking to Instagram’s creative medium.

  • Attract your customers with posts around their favorites : People are attracted to things they love. It would do you justice if your Instagram posts focused on your customers’ favorite season, flavors, childhood memory, favorite food, among others. You must research about the tastes and preferences of your target audience to get an idea of what to post on Instagram that will be liked and shared. Post about your business and their desired interests at once. For example, many companies are using famous musicians like Ariana Grande, and Beyonce to promote their brands on Instagram.
  • Tutorials and Demonstrations : We all love the convenience of how-to videos. These videos give us a comprehensive insight into specific products and services that may be unfamiliar to us. Such videos strengthen customer engagement resulting in increased sales.

If you are selling electronics, you must have received inquiries from customers on how specific gadgets are used and maintained. The best possible way to respond to such customers is to post how-to videos on your Instagram page, explaining how your products function. You will be amazed by the amazing results. 

  • Take some behind the scenes videos and images to enrich your Instagram posts : When running a business, you are most likely to take part in various happenings from product testing and marketing launches to customer experiences. Being an efficient service or product provider, you are bound to love engaging your customers and employees. Capture images and videos of those typical workdays in your office or manufacturing plant to get what to post on Instagram to attract your customers. Many of your audiences will be interested in knowing how the product leaves the factory premises before reaching them. It requires brainstorming to come up with engaging stories to post with the images and videos.
  • Capture a variety of moods : Video and Photography requires a touch of creativity. Your Instagram posts need to express a range of feelings to let you convey intended messages to customers. Capture different moods and moments from your employees and customers and show service story or brand values. 
  • DIY(Do It Yourself) projects around your products and services : The DIY projects can answer questions from your curious and doubting audience. Learn how a DIY audience can utilize your products, and once you get a match, make a project presentation for posting on Instagram. 

Use the repurpose posts that your audience has tagged you in rightly. People love to exhibit their creations on social media and desire that the brand that they follow recognizes their efforts. This particular technique is excellent for capturing the imagination of people on DIY platforms. Your product explorations will respond to the puzzle of what to post on Instagram to attract your customers.

  • Apply trending props in your Instagram posts : Latest trends that people relate to, including Temple Run, Soda Crush, and Go Suits, among others. These trends are the cool things to post on Instagram because people tend to relate to them. These trends can engage your audience and an excellent way to boost your revenues in the short run.
  • Use Instagram Advertisements That Your Customers Desire To See : A recent study on Instagram illustrated that the use of colored visuals in your advert content improves the willingness of people to engage by more than 65%. Always consider the things to post on Instagram. Although you are using paid advertising solutions on Instagram, ensure that you are both your target audience and the graphics you use in your Instagram posts from image croppings to colors.

First, make visuals a priority when choosing what to post on Instagram. Shabby visuals will ruin your advertisement in a competitive business environment. Stay alert.

You can also apply relevant calls of action in your Instagram posts. It is to improve the rate of interaction from your audience. 

  • Utilizing popular Hashtags : Businesses are using hashtags in their Instagram posts. These tags are compelling in increasing the visibility of your brand before large audiences. When looking for what to post on Instagram, you shouldn’t forget to research the trending hashtags that your viewers love. Include those hashtags as keywords in posts. For instance, when Taco Bell was launching its $1 menu, they used a trending hashtag that their audience followed. It was #Breakfast. You could also use the hashtags to mark sales for different occasions such as #birthdays, #valentines day, #Christmas day, #Haloween’s day.
  • Collaborate with other companies and mention them : For the new businesses that are fresh in the field of sales and marketing, you first need to study your customers and look beyond the dominant brands in the market. Do your thing uniquely and use your strengths efficiently. You can decide to collaborate with and tag famous personalities that have huge followings on Instagram for an opinion about your new products and services. It will increase the visibility of your product or service before the masses. For instance, when Nike was launching a unique collection of teen sneakers, they first posted them on their Instagram feed and then tagged famous teen artists inquiring for their opinion about the sneakers. It is a great move to make use of the already established persons to stay relevant. Ensure that the Instagram posts are engaging enough for high-class people to engage with you. 
  • Organize giveaways and contests : It is an excellent idea for you to think about what to post on Instagram regarding contests and giveaways for your actual and potential customers. Gather all thoughts of what will make your customers more engaged through a smart Instagram contest that offers a giveaway for posting fresh pictures and videos while tagging your business.

The examples of brands using this technique are many. These brands have successfully reached out to large audiences through staged contests on their Instagram pages. 

  • Doing live videos : Instagram features a built-in live video option in its feed that enables users to share live video activities in a day. For brands in search of what to post on Instagram to attract your customers, this is the deal-breaker. Use the Instagram live video feature to capture events of product and service launches. It will increase the number of people interested in your brand. Most people prefer watching a brand’s video as compared to reading a blog post from the same organization.
  • Influencer Marketing is right for your brand : Most people live under the influence of others. Some people influence others because of their contributions to society. They are known as micro-influencers. These micro-influencers can be found after conducting research. Ensure to partner with these influencers to spread the good news about your brand to your target audience. Posts about your product are more visible to many when posted on Instagram pages of micro-influencers. Take advantage of the micro-influencers in your society. 

In conclusion, we hope that you take the points as mentioned above to help your business expand to greater horizons. Remember to act now and improve your Instagram posts to match today’s stiff competition.

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