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In a short period, the Covid-19 pandemic has threatened our lives and restricts ourselves inside our own house. It has not only changed our lifestyle, but the concept of social distancing has emerged throughout the world. As the cities are closed and physical human interactions are strictly prohibited, it is time for technology and the digital world to come forward. 

Startups will emerge to facilitate the needs of a changing world after lockdown. As mentioned by TansuYegin, Vice president for Europe of tech firm UiPath that “The pandemic will push robotic technology five years forward.”

Boost in Online Shopping and Robotic Home Delivery

Those were old times when people prefer to go out and shop traditionally while physically examining the products. Coronavirus has changed this perspective entirely, and online shopping is a boon to them. There are even online sales and happy hours for promotions.

But the in-person delivery is not considered to be virus-free because of a direct manifestation of human interaction. To overcome this lacuna, robotic delivery has a crucial role to play. ‘MeituanDianping’ which is a Chinese app launched a “contactless delivery” with the help of robotics in some districts.

Distance Learning

As of now, almost every country has announced the closure of schools and educational institutions on account of Covid-19, which is impacting the education of approximately 1.57 billion students. For this, many institutions have adopted the method of distance learning by way of Video Conferencing, 3D printers, online lectures, robot teachers, AI-powered educational systems, or various other accessible databases. It opens a wide gateway for Startups to examine the field of education and imparting digital education with high proficiency.

Digital Health Services 

  • Online Clinics and Techno-wears

It is also known as Telehealth, which can prove to be very useful in this time of the Corona crisis. The technology can be widely used in the form of Online Health Advices or Online Clinics. Wearable devices can diagnose the health and track the record of the person and can alert him.

  • Mobile Applications for tracing Health records

Singapore based TraceTogether app also traces the individual with the help of Bluetooth technology so to identify where the individual shared paths, and it made them unable to find the suspects of Covid-19. AarogyaSetu app developed by India and Stanford University-based COVID Watch app also works similarly. 

  •  Robotics and Drone Health Workers

Covid-19 made us discern the entire species of Homo Sapiens i.e. Human Beings, that they are so much dependent upon each other in a way of personal interactions. The use of robots and AI-powered robotic arms can prove to be a crucial and valuable step, primarily in the present times. In recent times, robots have been used to disinfect things, deliver food items, monitoring the conditions, and even diagnose the patient’s conditions. Camera Drones are also used for surveillance. In the imminent times, it will encourage new job areas in this field and new emerging startups for boosting up the technology. Domestic respiratory devices that are used as home ventilators are also digitalizing the new era of Health technology.

Data Usage and Information Technology

The present situation of the pandemic is building pressure upon communication and Information. 

Technological services as every work are dependent upon it. Due to the restrictions of Lockdown and homestay, people are more prone to use internet services. According to data from a Turkey agency, there has been a rise of 50% traffic on the internet servers in the period of Lockdown.

Addressing this issue of data using and burden upon internet services, there is a need for 5G communication with more efficient and faster services. Although it may be a little bit costly, however, this is what the demand of the present developing world is. There is a scope of startups like service providing companies and Information technology for rendering high speed and affordable internet.

Online Entertainment

The quarantine measures have stopped the favorite movies, Web series, Reality Shows, and TV serials rolling, but the creativity and endeavors of artists brought out new measures of online entertainment. New startups are engaged in providing non-stop entertainment by digitalizing their field. There has been an emergence of online band shows and online movie streaming instead of theatre or concert halls. A virtual tour of world heritage sites, historical museums, and Seven Wonders of the World not only makes it less expensive but also gives an unparalleled experience. Virtual Reality technology is boosting up new ways forward to Startups. Apart from that, online gaming and AI music generation are also moving at a good pace.

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