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Why AI will rule the world in the next decade

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been a site of immense intrigue and development over the past couple of decades. So much so that ideas that were once only confined to science fiction, are now close to becoming part of our reality.

Robots and AI are set to outdo human capability sooner than ever. Asian researchers have predicted that it will happen in the next thirty years! Keeping such exciting information in mind, let us look at the reasons why:

●    AI is going to rewrite how we understand medicine :

Be it due to lack of understanding of technology, medicine has since long followed the one size fits all method. But as AI opens up new reserves of knowledge, we get to know that many individual variations need to be taken into account as well. For example, differences in lifestyle, gene pools, and environment all affect and determine the kind of treatment that will work for us.

Companies are already using deep learning and AI to understand these variations. They are helping doctors customize and create personalized treatment plans for heart or diabetic patients already. When treatment is catered specifically for you, you are bound to see better results.

●    AI can make farming practices more eco-friendly :

As the planet faces new environmental tragedies every day, it becomes important to find solutions that can safeguard our food production. Using deep learning and face recognition software, we can already improve farmers’ efficiency. When farmers can find out which areas of their crops are more vulnerable ahead of time, when they can figure out ways to boost crop production without the use of fertilizers, farming practices are bound to get safer for the environment. That will also help farmers in preparing for rough weather conditions, and give them a decent headstart on putting together preventive measures.

●    AI can assist in hacking :

Because of how fast AI can compute data, it is highly equipped to hack software or computer systems. By trying out thousands of patterns in the matter of a few seconds, it leaves humans behind in the dust here as well. AI can also successfully create many copies of itself as and when the need arises to counter every access point of a system. This ability can be used to figure out the weaknesses of a particular product before releasing it – thus making it stronger and more secure from unwanted entry.

●    AI can further change personal care technology :

We have all already heard of Alexa and Siri. But personal care technology encompasses much more than that, like for example, elder care. Experts say that as AI becomes better than ever at understanding how humans naturally talk and converse, it will become a more prominent member of the house as well. AI will also be able to recognize faces and voices at a faster rate so that it can produce better, more accurate results while still being fast at it.

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