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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Stumped by your digital marketing question? Feeling like you’ve been searching for buried treasure with no map? Don’t fret! Just drop us a quick message, and we’ll swoop in like digital superheroes to save the day. Whether you need advice, assistance, or just a virtual high-five, we’re here to make your digital journey a breeze!

How long has Thunder Brand Solutions been in business?

When Thunder Brand Solutions was founded in 2016, we started as a Content and Creative Marketing Agency. As an integrated marketing agency, we’ve been delivering our expert creative marketing service since 2018.

What services does Thunder Brand Solutions offer?

We’re an integrated marketing agency specialising in Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy, SEO, PPC, and PR. Thunder Brand Solution combines over a vast industry knowledge and has gained a reputation as a valuable partner to businesses of all sizes with their online marketing.


We offer customised marketing packages based on the project and outcome expected. To know more, get in touch with our representative.

How long do I need to commit to working with Thunder Brand Solutions?

Thunder Brand Solutions client retention rate is 95% and is something we're proud of. We ask our clients to commit for a minimum period of time based on the project and goals. This allows us ample time to collect data, analyze it, and develop a strategy that will begin to produce the results you desire. Followed by that, the agreement is on a month-to-month basis as we give it a free hand for our customers to stay with us, not because it’s a mandate but because they are getting amazing outcomes for them and the company.  

Who will be taking care of our projects?

At Thunder Brand Solutions, we have a dynamic team of creators, thinkers, innovators, and collaborators with an eclectic blend of passions and personalities to make the most out of your project and reach your objective. Each project is assigned with an account manager who will be responsible for all contacts and ensuring that the overall marketing strategy and activities are taking place in smooth sailing.

Are there any additional or hidden costs for a digital marketing project?

No, there are no additional/hidden costs that are levied. During the onboarding, every cost is properly stated with the breakdown of each of it and set into monthly retainer. However, in case of any paid media such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, each of it would be billed separately.

Does Thunder Brand Solutions have an in-house team?

Yes, Thunder Brand Solutions team is a proud team of proficient members of writers, designers, marketing specicials, developers and consultants to help you with your project.

How quickly will I start seeing results after working with Thunder Brand Solutions?

Before we begin working with you, we will consider the channels you utilize, your competition, your budget, and the health of your website. 

Projects that include paid advertisement receive substantially faster results because quality online traffic begins to flow in almost immediately.

However, after the first three months, you should notice an increase in online presence as well as improvements in your key metrics and targets. Because the first three months are dedicated to defining the digital strategy and laying the groundwork for a long-term project's success. 

How often will results be reported?

The account manager will ensure that your project receives custom monthly performance dashboards and reports that outlines the overall activities, deliverables, key metrics, analysis and interpretation of the project.

What is the new client onboarding process?

Step 1: We arrange a call to discuss and understand the project requirement to see if we can help.


Step 2: After our understanding of the project, we would share our portfolio, proposal, a plan of action and deliverables.


Step 3: You make a decision.  


Step 4: Once agreed, we draw up the contracts with document signing, distribution and form completion.


Step 5: The final page: We welcome you and kick-start the project.

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